The Truth About Plateaus in Weight Loss for Women

Posted by Angie Quehl on Feb 4, 2011 12:39:00 PM

Plateaus and weight fluctuations are normal during weight loss for women. I wanted to take a second to help you all understandplateaus in weight loss for women what good things are happening to your bodies right now, even if the scale isn't showing it yet.
During Your Work Out:
1. You Strengthen Your Lungs- Your brain send signals to your lungs during exercise that causes your breaths to be both deeper and faster.
2. You Decrease Body Fat- Your body is breaking down fat cells to use as a source of energy.
Up to 1 Hour after a Work Out:
1.  You're in a Great Mood- During workouts your body releases mood-enhancing chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.
2.  You're Burning Calories- For every 100 calories you burn during a cardiovascular workout you will burn about 15 calories in the hour afterward!
Up to 1 Day after a Work Out:
1. You have More Muscle- Your body repairs the microscopic tears you create in your muscle during a workout. This repair is how muscle mass is created.
2. Increased Metabolism- Your body's metabolism is based on the amount of muscle you have. So more muscle = more calories burned at rest.
Up to 1 Week after a Workout:
1.  You're in Better Shape- VO2 Max (aka how efficiently your body uses the oxygen you take in) will increase by an average of 5% the first week you work out regularly.
2. Lower Risk for Diabetes- When you work out regularly your body becomes more sensitive to insulin, which in turn lowers blood sugar levels.
In 1 Month:
1. You're Stronger- By now the amount of weight you use for strength training exercises has increased.
2. You're Smarter- Working out activated growth-stimulating proteins, including those in the brain
In 1 Year:
1. Working Out Feels Easy!- Your VO2 max can increase up to 25% in the first 12 weeks of consistent exercise.
2. Longer Life Span- Avid exercisers have slower DNA breakdown
3. You Lose Body Fat Easier-  Your body becomes more efficient at breaking down fat cells for energy. So you burn more calories all of the time!
So even if you feel like the scale is stuck at the moment, think of all the great things you are doing for yourself by continuing with your regular workouts!


Article Submitted by Jennifer O'Connor, Personal Trainer


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