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Posted by Angie Quehl on Dec 14, 2010 11:24:00 AM

Toners: Essential Step or Fancy Water

Diverse expert opinions about the importance of using skin toners have confused many clients. One of the questions that I hear very often is about the importance of using a toner... Does it actually do anything for the skin or it is expensive fancy water?

Toners are a liquid form of concentrated ingredients that help refresh the skin and prepare it for proper moisture absorption. In the past, a lot of skincare manufacturers miss-formulated the toners by loading them with a high amount of witch hazel, SD alcohol, ethanol, and other harsh ingredients. By doing this, they falsely claimed that the toner could prevent breakouts and balance oily skin; however, skincare researchers have been extremely helpful in reversing this misconception and taking skin toning to the next level.

As a skincare therapist, I highly recommend using a toner for all skin types after cleansing.  I consider toning a very essential step and never look at it as simply attractive aromatic water. Using the right product based on your skin type will help to restore the skin’s natural PH balance that it can lose from exposure to free radicals. It will also add water-binding ingredients that will help maintain adequate hydration level in the skin cells which guarantees proper moisture absorption.  Calming toners will help in reducing inflammation and redness due to skin sensitivity by creating a protective layer against environmental damage. Toners rich in anti-oxidants work extremely well to prevent the signs of aging.

Whether you have perfect skin or yours is super oily or acne-prone in nature, it is important when choosing your toner to make sure it is irritant-free.

Ingredients to Avoid:

Fragrance                         Acetonewoman using toner

SD Alcohol*                      Alcohol*

Ethanol                            Alcohol Denat*

Ethyl Alcohol*                   Methanol

Isopropyl Alcohol*

* If you see the word (Alcohol) in the list of ingredients, make certain that it is Cetyl Alcohol or Stearyl Alcohol. These are the only forms of non-irritant alcohol that are approved in the skincare industry.

   A well-formulated toner can be a person’s best friend throughout the day. It can be an easy way to maintain the freshness of your makeup and can also be an ideal hydration tool while exercising, during air travel, or in extreme weather. Just make sure to select the type most appropriate for your skin and remember to READ THE LABEL!

Submitted by Saima Shaheen, Master Esthetician 

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