Skin Care for Women: My Beautful Eyes Part I

Posted by Angie Quehl on Mar 31, 2011 9:30:00 AM

anti-aging skin care for womenSome of the most delicate skin on your whole body is the skin around your eyes. With fewer muscles and fat, the skin around the eyes is seven times thinner than the skin on the face, therefore signs of aging might start there before starting anywhere else on your face. If you suffer from dark circles, puffiness, saggy eyelids, and/or wrinkles, your age will always be estimated higher than the actual one.

All is not lost! Following these simple steps and tips can help preserve the beauty of this soft tissue and prevent any future damage.

  1. Read the label of your cleanser: Most face cleansers are not intended to be used around the eye area unless the label of the cleanser specifically states that it is designed for this use. Make sure to use a gentle cleanser or make-up remover that is formulated specifically for the eyes. NOTE: If you are a fan of makeup wipes, that is totally fine as long as you apply gentle pressure on the eye area and support your lids with one hand while you are moving the wipe gently across the lids. You can remove the makeup by moving from the brow bone toward the lashes, or by following a gentle circular motion starting from the inner corner of the eye moving out toward the temples in the upper lid, and then moving toward the inner corner again while cleansing the lower lid. The skin should not stretch when cleansing the eye area. Stretching of the skin is an indication of unnecessary pressure.
skin care for women eye make up removal
    1. Brows and lashes: Using a poor quality of make-up, old mascara, the wrong cleanser, and sleeping without removing eye makeup are major reasons for destroying the hair follicles of the brows and lashes. When this hair gets damaged, hair loss occurs resulting in older-looking eyes...therefore an older-looking you! Replace your mascara every 3-6 months. Don't be lazy and take off your make-up, dirt and dust before you go to bed. A NIGHT OF LAZINESS WILL COST YOU A YEAR OF AGING!

  1. Anti-aging creams: Since all of these formulas are called "anti-aging", don't wait to use them until the damage is already is done. Apply eye creams that are loaded with vitamins and peptides to prevent and delay the signs of aging. Use the same circular motion I discussed previously for cleansing when applying the creams, keep soft pressure all the time. Learn more "age-defying" tips.
Being consistent in your steps is an important part of skincare for women and will always guarantee you better results. Embrace your beauty every night even if you are tired. And remember night of laziness can cost you a year of aging!


Stress, sun, and your parents...How these things can speed up the aging process and what you can do to protect those beautiful eyes!


Article submitted by Saima Shaheen, Master Esthetician



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