Skin Care for Women: My Beautiful Eyes Part II

Posted by Angie Quehl on Apr 4, 2011 6:45:00 PM

Puffy eyes? Dark circles? Crow's feet? Here are even more tips and tricks to help keep those beautiful baby blues, browns, greens, or greys looking fabulous!

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    1. The sun is still your enemy: Vitamin D is important but the danger that UVA and UVB carry to our skin is unbelieanti-aging skin care for women the eyesvable! So if experts are constantly stressing the importance of sun protection for the skin all over the body, imagine how important it is for the weakest skin on the face. There is more than one way to achieve adequate protection: use protective eye cream, switch to mineral makeup for your shadow and wear glasses with UV lenses. 

    1. Avoid stresses: The health of the eye area is connected to the health of the eyes themselves. If you spend a long time focused in front of your electronics (computer, TV, etc) the eyes will get tired, which will, in turn, reflect as dark circles around your eyes. Allergies and dryness of the eyelids can cause wrinkles in the future. A sinus infection might make your face look puffier than normal. To prevent these problems, make sure to address any medical concern you suspect involving your eyes and nose. Apply cool compresses to your face when you are overly stressed and take 30-second breaks to close your eyes if your job requires long periods of focusing on electronics/computer screens.

  1. Blame your genes: Heredity can play a strong role in some of the problems that appear around the eyes. Dark circles can be, in so many cases, a feature that is passed from one generation to the other. In this case, our job is to follow the skincare tips mentioned in this article to prevent more stresses that could intensify your inherited dark circles. Think about it this way, if you can’t change what you have, at least try to stop it from getting worse! Note:  Puffiness around the eyes can be due to water retention around the eyes. However, when it is chronic and not changing, it might be due to extra fatty tissue that some people are born with. Not sure if it is heredity or some other cause? Look at your parent's faces, you may be able to identify the same feature on one of their faces. If it is is hereditary, unfortunately, surgical correction to the skin around the eyes is the only solution to remove this type of excessive fat.

So there you have it...the if, and, but, or and for's of keeping those eyes young-looking and beautiful!

Article submitted by Saima Shaheen, Master Esthetician

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