Essential Exercises for Women: One of the Best Ab/Core Exercises Ever

Posted by Angie Quehl on May 12, 2011 12:24:00 PM

Rock that Core!

There is no magic to exercise: You get out of it what you put in. That doesn't mean you have to work out for hours each day. It just means you need to work smart and be consistent.  Not every exercise needs fancy equipment, just the dedication of your time. The month's essential exercise requires no equipment at all but can deliver results you will love in your abs and core!

Side Plank

This exercise targets your core muscles (abs, hips, and back) and can be started in a modified position and as you become stronger intensified with positioning and length of time held.

1. Begin on the floor, lying on your side, knees bent and elbow resting on the floor under your shoulder.side plank essential exercises for women chantilly

2.  Push your body weight and hips off the floor until you have created a straight line between shoulder and hip and you only have contact with the floor on your elbow and knee. 

This is your modified position.


full side plank essential exercises for women chantilly3.  To intensify this position simply lift your knees off the floor, extend your legs to a straight line, and let your body weight rest in the side of the foot.



The key to this exercise is creating and maintaining the straight line from shoulder – to knee- to foot.  Continue to breathe and work on holding the position for 30 seconds to begin with and increase to 60 seconds or more.  Remember to flip it over and do the other side!

Tips & Warnings:

  • Don't lean your shoulders forward or backward, but instead let your balancing hand and forearm carry the brunt of your weight.

  • Don't allow your body to hang but instead keep it taut and straight from head to toe during the side plank.

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