Why Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Posted by Angie Quehl on Oct 18, 2012 11:49:00 AM

For More Reasons Than You Think...

I was a dancer -- ballet primarily. During the years in dance class, two things happened: I developed an internal mind/body connection balanced with an external good eye for form. Years later I tried Pilates, and just as with dance, the choreography and flow of Pilates came easily and made sense to me. After being an active gym member for years, teaching Pilates was my first professional foray into the Fitness Industry. I found that I really enjoyed seeing that people who regularly took my classes increased their strength and flexibility, and hadworking with a personal trainer more control of their bodies. Yet, I discovered that in a class setting, I was unable to give the personal attention some people needed. I decided to take the next step for my clients and became a Personal Trainer working with people one on one.

My Pilates training definitely influences the types of workouts I design for my personal training clients. I always have Pilates Principles in mind during their exercises. "Do the clients have the proper form?" "Are their movements controlled?" "Is their strength and flexibility balanced?"

That idea of "balance" is so important in the lives of women something I understand as the mom of three teens and is expressed in my larger exercise philosophy. The stress of everyday life needs to be balanced by activities that make a woman feel good physically and mentally.  Exercise is one of the core things you can do for yourself to live your life successfully. If you are a gardener, get in shape so you can work in the yard without suffering days of back pain.  If you like to travel, get in shape so you can walk on cobblestones in Europe without losing your balance or haul a suitcase without hurting your shoulder. If you enjoy a sport, train for it so you can play your game, injury-free, for many years to come. Exercise can balance out your stress and makes your body feel and work better.

A Personal Trainer can help you achieve that body. It is worth the investment in you.

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