Confessions of a Beginning Runner...A Tale of Fitness for Women

Posted by Angie Quehl on Feb 21, 2012 3:03:00 PM

Sometimes the best motivation and advice on fitness for women in the world comes from listening to real people talk about their real experiences as they navigate the big, bad scary world of getting into (or back into) a fitness regime. Sharing, commiserating, and relating to another human being and recognizing that yes…someone else has been in the same place as you and felt EXACTLY the same way, can be the best motivation to lace up those sneakers one more day!  With that in mind, we thought we would begin sharing some ‘real life’ stories from real women to help ease you down the fitness path and maybe make you laugh a little along the way too. Enjoy!

Confession of a Beginning Runner -- Elizabeth

• Yes, I do hate every damn step. I don't know when that will quit. I'm hoping that at some point it will, but I ain't holding my breath. There's always a point in my run where I am reduced to thinking, "It hurts, do it anyway."

• I jayrun. Folks, if I stop at a light, I may just not start again. So be a pal and let me run through.confessions of a beginning runner

•I can't wear earbuds. I've tried every kind out there. My ears are just a weird shape, I think. Anyhow, I just turn the volume waaaay up on my phone and run. This generally works fine except when (like today) a kind of embarrassing but good running song comes on. I have never tried to turn my volume down so fruitlessly as when running by a group of small children and their mothers while Rhianna's S&M blared like a foghorn out of my speaker. They all stared and stared at me, clothed in judgment and yoga pants. Finally, I just gave up and ran faster.

• This brings me to my next point: if you see me running, give a sister some love. Wave, say good job, yell something motivational ("Your butt looks big in those pants" would definitely work). I will smile and run faster, my workout will be over more quickly, and I will be happy!

• I am terrified that one day, a car that slows down as it passes me will stop and ask if I need a ride somewhere. Literally, every time a car passes me, I think this is about to happen.

• I know I'm a bore, posting my runs on Facebook, I'm sorry. I do it to keep myself accountable. I'm pushing myself to do this at all. Knowing you are reading (possibly clothed in judgment and/or yoga pants?) pushes me a little farther and a little faster. Thank you. When you comment kindly, like the run, or txt me saying "Yay!"--you're telling me you believe in me. This helps me in ways you don't even know about.

• If I can do this, I can do anything. Because I am having to work harder for this than just about anything else I have ever done.  A weird statement, but true.  I'm simply too old to let something being difficult be my excuse to not do it. Life is hard. Do it anyways.


About The Author:

the elizabeth quotient blogElizabeth is a mamma, blogger, and beginning runner from Northern Virginia. You can follow her story as an up and coming runner here on our blog. You can also read more about Elizabeth on her journey through not only fitness but life by checking out her blog, "The Elizabeth Quotient".


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