Confessions of a Beginning Runner Part 2: Tales of Fitness for Women)

Posted by Angie Quehl on Mar 16, 2012 3:00:00 PM

The Diva Edition

Folks, someone is a Diva Beginning Runner. Note that "diva" modifies the rest of the phrase. Because in no sense am I a beginner Diva. Evidence?

**I ran three miles? Everyone I know gets the text: ZOMG PEOPLE I RAN THREE MILES! ON PURPOSE! AT ONCE! WITHOUT STOPPING!

**I brush my hair before I go running. And since it's winter, I'm not pinning it up. I have Confessions of a beginning runnerthese visions of my glorious long tresses streaming out behind me as I streak down the sidewalk. In reality, it's probably better I can't actually see the tangled mess of sweaty as I trudge along.

**I'm going to need a better sports bra. I haven't really had to consider this, but yes. There apparently are times where support is key, and concerns about the ugly mono-boob are less imperative. Who knew?

**Today when I ran it was 39F with a little bit of a breeze. Nothing actually like wind chill, just a stiff gust now and then. You would have thought, to hear my internal monologue, that I was endurance racing in the Arctic. Also, it plays hell with my breathing because the last thing on earth I am going to do is inhale through my nose because it's like an icepick straight into my brain. Now, I did just move from the desert, and anything under 50F there was miserably cold. But seriously? Someone needs to toughen up a little as far as the weather goes.

**My feet hurt. This is odd because as far as I am concerned, any pair of heels under 3" qualifies as flat. I wear heels every day in the office. I race around in them more or less without a second thought: up and down escalators, along with the Metro platform, to Starbucks and back without a jacket. Once I lace up my pair of super-fabulous, specially-purchased, exactly-what-I-needed new running shoes, I do not expect my feet to hurt between miles one and two. They do, however.

Beginning Runners Mantra

This is probably what the issue is...

So tell me: what sets YOU apart when you run?


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the elizabeth quotient blogElizabeth is a mamma, blogger, and beginning runner from Northern Virginia. You can follow her story as an up-and-coming runner here on our blog. You can also read more about Elizabeth on her journey through not only fitness but life by checking out her blog, "The Elizabeth Quotient".


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