How to Find the Perfect Sleeping Position

Posted by Angie Quehl on Mar 1, 2013 12:54:00 PM


If you are one of those people who toss and turn all night long trying to get into a comfortable sleeping position you are not alone. Studies say that people can change their sleeping position anywhere from as low as 3 and up to 36 times per night! Although experts admit that there really is no one "right" way to rest our weary bodies at the end of the day, people with certain medical conditions or who experience pain could benefit from laying in one position versus another. We found this handy guide from The Wall Street Journal to help you uncover what the best sleeping position may be for you based upon aches and pains that may be keeping you awake at night: 


Proper Sleep Positions

 Did you know?

  • 8.4 is the number of minutes people waste per hour online for every minute of interrupted sleep the night before.
  • Always choosing the same sleeping position can cause issues according to Dr. Mary Ann Wilmarth, chief of physical therapy at Harvard University Health Services. Consistently compressing one side of the body and stretching the other can result in imbalance and soreness or pain.
  • The Better Sleep Council says the average number of times people change their sleeping position is 11 to 15.
  • $63.2 billion is the estimated cost for U.S. companies from workers who toss and turn all night. Those workers lose an average of 7.8 days of productivity a year due to insomnia.


Great Tips for Restful Nights

Now that you know more about what the best sleeping position might for you, download a copy of a free eBooklet, 'Your Guide to Never Being Tired Again' and start getting re-energized today. Also, check out our blog post '5 Reasons You Are Always Tired' to uncovering other underlying reasons why you may not be getting the valuable sleep you need. Sweet Dreams!


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 Primary article source: 'Find the Perfect Sleep Position', Mike Sudal, The Wall Street Journal







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