What people are saying about the Nutritional Coaching Program...

"I've very much appreciated and enjoyed the nutrition program! The structure of the program has benefitted me greatly in the few weeks I've been attending and I fell confident that it will be possible (and even easy) to maintain after the program is complete. It's clear that Lucky cares about her practice, and it's reassuring to know that she stays up-to-date on the latest research and provides information that's scientifically informed, rather than basing everything on fads and trends. Additionally, the environment that she fosters is very supportive and does not feel judgy, even though it's all to eay to cross that zone when it comes to discussing food choices. "  - Sarah W.


"LOVE all of the information - very beneficial. Useful and easy to understand." - Melissa D.


" I've learned a LOT and I am beginning to read and feed my body better which is nice as well as enlightnening!"


"I had a remarkable experience throughout the enitre Nutritional Coaching Program. The program has given me the necessary tools to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Dr.Bennett has been a great instructor and has provided me with great guidance and all of my questions were answered in a timely manner. I wll be recommending this program to my friends!" - Sumitra S.


" I have learned a great deal and feel all of the information presented was done well and is useful in everyday life. I especially liked the weekly menus and shopping lists!"


"I have learned a tremendous amount about healthy eating and nutrition. The recipes are delcious and easy to prepare. The tips for staying on track are very helpful. Lucky really knows her stuff and communicates it in an easy-to-understand way. It truly changed my life." - Stacey N. 


"It has been life changing...and its something I will carry with me for the rest of my healthy life. The weekly sessions have given me the encouragement to finally stick with it" - Nadine J.


"I've learned about how to cook foods properly and have really enjoyed the cooking aspect of the class! Excellent program!" - Jane V.

"I found the class to be more than what I expected far exceeded my expectations. The support by the other members was fantastic, shopping at a local grocery store and learning about vitamins the list just goes on.
A true total package of customer service!"  - Susan P.

"I felt the guidance I was given to be superb. I love learning about the different topics and also being to ask open questions."
- Joanne H.


"Weekly sessions are terrific. I've learned a lot and learned how to read my body better."


"I especially enjoyed the variety of topics covered in the weekly sessions. The supplement discussions were very informative. Dr. Bennett is AWESOME...her expertise is very in depth, her presentation style is very easy to unerstand and follow." - Marge S. 


"LOVED the trip to the grocery store...very helpful!" - Val L. 


"Exceptional opportunity to ask questions and learn more about nutrition. At my stage in life, I just can't eat less or exercise more to lose the weight. I needed to change my eating behaviors. (The program) offered me the opportunity to try foods I wouldn't ever used, recalibrated my food selections to be "fuel" rather than "hobby!" - Kris A.

"This class is the reason why I joined the gym. It has been incredible...it is life changing!" - Melinda P.


"My husband did this program along with me [at home] and he suffers from acid reflux. He hasn't has to take one Zantac since we went on this program!"


"This has been the best program I have ever been on. I feel so much better, have more energy than I ever had and I will carry this with me the rest of my life! Dr. Bennett was great, very willing to help and always got back to me with the answers to my questions"  - Jane P.


"I especially enjoyed the variety of topics covered in the weekly sessions. The supplement discussions were very informative. Dr. Bennett is awesome...her expertise is very in depth, her presentation style is very easy to understand and follow. I am trying to get a couple of friends to join the gym so that they can take advantage of the next program! 

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    "The Women's Club is, hands down, the best exercise facility I have ever been a member of."

    - Lindy N.

    "It's the little things that make this place so nice: cold lemon water available at all times; fresh towels in the locker room; shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in the showers; hair dryers for afterwards; and fresh cut flowers everywhere."

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