Want to get fit, lean, and strong in a fun and safe environment? Need motivation to get off the couch and get outside? You came to the right place! 

Have you tried outdoor training yet? Get a great workout with a side of fresh air & sun!

✔️Social distancing-friendly environment with small, 10 person groups
✔️No equipment sharing to keep everyone safe
✔️Workout with the support of a group 
✔️Motivation and Inspiration to get back on track
✔️Reach & exceed your fitness goals

Are you ready to get moving and get fit with us today? It's just 1 hour, 3 times a week for 4 weeks to a healthier lifestyle!

Available Sessions:
Group One -  M W F at 9:30 AM 

Our camp is affordable...it's around $16.50/session for the four-week program. 

No membership required. Get more information or submit your registration request today! 

What other people say about boot camp at TWC...

I am ready to get healthy, fit, and strong!

"I want personalized attention from a team of experienced professionals
who absolutely LOVE their job."

Mary Kate, VA

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